Fish is often the first food to come to mind when thinking about what to eat on a Friday during Lent. If you’re visiting Fort Wayne during Lent, skip the fish sandwich at the nearest fast-food restaurant and enjoy a meatless meal at one of Fort Wayne’s many restaurants.

These 20 restaurants offer meatless meals with a variety of fish and seafood specials, pizza, and vegetarian options.

Fish Specials in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Big Eyed Fish

Big Eyed Fish has a Friday special of a 2-piece fish and mac ‘n’ cheese lunch for $7.95 and dinner for $8.95. They offer other fish meals every day, so make sure to ask your server for their Lenten menu when you visit.

The Green Frog

The Green Frog’s Friday special consists of an all-you-can-eat beer-battered fish meal that comes with coleslaw and fries. Some of their meatless lunch meals are veggie soup, a three-cheese grilled cheese sandwich, and broiled cod, and their meatless dinner meals are broiled cod, crab cakes, clam baskets, and shrimp baskets.

Mad Anthony Brewing Company

The Friday special at Mad Anthony offers a choice of beer-battered cod, walleye, or flour dusted perch along with coleslaw and fries. Other meatless options include sandwiches like the Munchie Burger, Shroomo Sandwich, and Gourmet Grilled Cheese, and Greek, Margherita, spinach and artichoke, and portabella pizzas.

BakerStreet Scallops

Seafood Meals

Chop’s Steak and Seafood

Some of Chop’s lunch entrees include crab cakes, tempera tuna, sauté bleu salmon, fennel seared tilapia, and ahi tuna. Their dinner entrees include meals like tomato crab bisque, seafood manicotti, ahi tuna, lobster tails, black sesame almond encrusted walleye, blackened shrimp, cedar plank salmon, and sea scallops.

Trolley Steaks and Seafood

The seafood menu here compromises of lunches like the almond walleye and Trolley’s famous fish sandwiches, and dishes like almond-crusted walleye and Trolley’s famous fish. Their large dinner menu includes crab cakes, crab legs, lobster tails, fresh jail island salmon, a shrimp dinner, sea scallops, and Trolley’s famous fish.


BakerStreet’s lunch menu is made up of the salmon goat cheese and lobster cobb salads, and dishes like blackened ahi tuna, fish and chips, Asian glazed salmon, fish tacos, lobster macaroni, and shrimp and gnocchi. Their dinner menu includes an escargot appetizer, and dishes like jumbo shrimp & scallop sauté, Asian glazed salmon, walleye, lobster tails, and Alaskan king crab legs.

The Oyster Bar

The Oyster Bar offers more than just oysters—their lunch and dinner menus include yellowfin tuna, crab cakes, oyster stew, clam chowder, seafood melt, fish tacos, walleye sandwich, Caesar shrimp wrap, shellfish, seafood au gratin, and appetizers like mussels & clams and escargot.

Paula's On Main - Fort Wayne

Paula’s On Main

Paula’s offers a fine-dining experience with lunch items like clam chowder, salmon dishes, fish tacos, seafood enchiladas, scallops, tuna, and fish and po-boy sandwiches. Their dinner items include meals like salmon dishes, scallops, scampi, crab cakes, and crab legs.

Don Hall’s Factory Restaurant

While Hall’s isn’t a seafood restaurant, many of their meatless meal options consist of fish dishes. Some of their seafood dishes are lobster tails, gulp shrimp, Michigan whitefish, Atlantic cod, pistachio crusted salmon, brandy glazed salmon, seafood au gratin pasta, and sandwiches such as the ahi tuna burger and crab sliders.


816 Pint & Slice

Pint & Slice’s meatless pizzas are flavors such as Greek, Margherita, spicy veggie, and white album, and a V-8 loaded pizza. Their other meatless options are breadsticks, garlic bread, a veggie grinder, Hope’s Garden pasta, and Caesar and garden salads.

800 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza

800 Degrees offers multiple meatless pizza flavors such as Margherita, Pomodoro, Bianca, Funghi, Quattro formaggi, verdure, and rockets pizzas. Their other meatless options include Formaggio and ortaggio sandwiches; Mista, Caesar, forno, and Caprese salads; and pasta dishes such as Pasta con Pesto and Olio Pasta.

Bourbon Street Hideaway Dining Room

Meatless/Vegetarian Options

Comfort Food Café

The lunchtime café offers meatless options such as a tuna melt, tuna salad sandwich, shrimp basket, and a grilled cheese sandwich. They also offer sides such as fries, onion rings, breaded mushrooms, and fresh fruit.

Bourbon St. Hideaway

Bourbon St. Hideaway offers fine-dining seafood appetizers such as the French Quarter Buffalo Shrimp and crab stuffed mushrooms, and meals such as crispy smothered catfish, nola black & bleu salmon, N’awlins Crawfish Etoffee, sea scallops, crab stuffed shrimp, and wild cod.


The restaurant/bar offers lunch options such as smoked salmon and veggie head sandwiches; the dash house, crab cake, Caesar, spinach, and seared tuna salads; tomato bisque and veggie pesto soups; crab cake, seared tuna poy-bo, and many version of grilled cheese sandwiches; and a veggie quesadilla. Dinner options include a crab cake sandwich; salmon spinach, roasted beet, and Caesar salads; and Margherita and Mediterranean flatbreads.

hoppy gnome

The Hoppy Gnome

The Hoppy Gnome’s meal options consist of the Asian shrimp and vegan salads; the fattoush, mahi-mahi, and chili glazed shrimp tacos; other dishes like the pan-seared scallops, huarache, steamed clams, chorizo mac ‘n’ cheese, and tuna tartare plates; and a woodland mushroom torta.

O’Reilly’s Irish Pub

O’Reilly’s menu is comprised of salads like Rebekah’s Spinach Salad, Keith’s Shrimp Salad, and Natasha’s Vegetarian Salad; fish dishes like the Alherding Fish Sandwich, fish and chips, Chef Kevin’s Fried Catfish, grilled lemon pepper cod, and Cajun salmon; and other seafood meals which include the seafood alfredo, Fisherman’s Stew, and Maxi’s Vegetarian Pasta.

Cebolla’s Mexican Grill

Cebolla’s offers an assortment of Mexican lunch and dinner dishes such as shrimp and cheese quesadillas, a grilled shrimp taco salad, tilapia tacos, shrimp chimichangas, meatless enchiladas, fiesta veggie combos, and veggie fajitas.

Loving Café

The vegetarian and vegan café offers soups in flavors of almond, golden, pistachio mushroom, beans, cabbage, and corn chowder, and salads like the earth-friendly salad, quinoa, spring, and yogi. Their menu also offers rice meals such as ocean of love, lemon yam praw, roasted yam praw, and Thai curry, and noodle dishes such as crystal, salad, lo-mein, and udon.

Margherita Pizza at Casa

Casa Ristoranti Italiano

All four of the Casa restaurants have the same vegetarian lunch and dinner menu, which includes appetizers such as bruschetta, melanzane fritti and Parmigiano; salads, entrees such as spinach lasagna, fettuccine primavera, tortellini, capellini dishes, pasta con verdure, and ravioli; and pizza flavors such as veggie, Napoli, and Margherita.