What could be better than regular, old ice cream? Eating ice cream on National Ice Cream Day! 

Fort Wayne, Indiana provides a wide array of styles for ice cream gurus. You might one day find yourself eating extreme shakes, and other days, you'll find yourself eating ice cream to Elvis' greatest hits. 

Your options are endless, it feels. The local ice cream scene has skyrocketed into fashionable styles in which every ice cream creation can be seen in a light of beauty. Ready to explore some of the various ice cream selections here in Fort Wayne, Indiana? Here's a guide on what you might want to check out right away: 

The Stand Mudslide

The 6 Best Local Ice Cream Spots in Fort Wayne, Indiana

1. The Stand

A well-known stop for any summer fanatic, The Stand presents a broad menu of options. The sundaes and "mudslides" are nothing short of perfection. If you're feeling very adventurous, consider their Brownie Bomb. Treated with extra chocolate goodness and brownies, the Brownie Bomb is a chocolate lover's go-to treat. Sundaes aren't any joke at The Stand. 

Zesto Ice Cream

2. Zesto Ice Cream

We've all been raised with Zesto Ice Cream, and that is why we love it so much. There's something for everyone. Just ask what their flavors are, and you'll find the perfect taste for your ice cream. The Razzles are a popular item. With a mixture of just about anything, you'll have one delicious experience. The dipped cones aren't too shabby either. 

Jukebox Ice Cream Parlor

3. Jukebox Ice Cream Parlor

Gold Rush? Blue Moon? These just a few of the several ice cream flavors that Jukebox Ice Cream Parlor has. Its installment on State Street provides a really neat environment, inside and out. You'll think you've taken a step into a time machine and traveled back to the 60s. With a decor of Elvis, muscle cars, and bright neon lights, you'll adore it. A waffle cone accompanied by one of the many flavors will match your interests well. While you're enjoying your ice cream, browse the vinyls or even check out some classic hits on the jukebox!

West Central Microcreamery

4. West Central Microcreamery

Placed right within the Historic West Central Neighborhood, West Central Microcreamery delivers an artfully-beautiful environment for ice cream enthusiasts. A sweet place for you and your friends to stop, whether you're in the neighborhood, exploring downtown Fort Wayne, or are looking to try out some of the tastiest selections, this is your place. Consider one of the many scoops, with a touch of their delicious waffle cones.

Just Cream

5. Just Cream: Ice Cream Boutique

Hand served ice cream at its best. Browse the endless opportunities for your ice cream fix at Just Cream! You'll find that the Extreme Shakes and Cones hold strong notoriety within the local ice cream community. By the way, did you know they also have ice cream sandwiches? This establishment surely holds innovation at the tallest extent when it comes to making the ice cream stylish and fun. 

6. DeBrand Fine Chocolates

A Fort Wayne staple that meets the demands of every chocolate fan. One of the most photogenic ice cream that I've ever seen, belongs to DeBrand Fine Chocolates. As you browse their sundaes, you'll fall in love more and more. A sundae with dark chocolate and tart raspberry with a host of almonds is calling your name.

Birthday cake flavored ice cream in a waffle cone at Sweets on Main in downtown Fort Wayne

7. Sweets on Main

One of the newest ice cream spots in Fort Wayne located right downtown, Sweets on Main will satisfy your cravings with 20 different ice cream flavors, plus delicious sundaes, floats, and more! Their selection even includes dairy-free and vegan options, so everyone has something to enjoy. When you step up to the counter, consider trying one of their Brownie Sundaes. You will not regret it!

8. Crescendo Coffee and More

Crescendo Coffee and More just opened this summer, and it is SO much more than just a coffee shop. While you'll want to enjoy their coffee, pastries, and breakfast in the morning, be sure to head back later for dessert! They offer 12 different ice cream flavors, as well as shakes, sundaes, and more. And, hey, if you want to enjoy ice cream with your breakfast, we won't judge!

This post was originally published in July 2018. Last updated in July 2020.