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It’s a Christmas tradition to discover all of the beautifully decorated Christmas Light Displays around Fort Wayne! From holiday fanatics that dress up their houses in thousands of lights to the beautiful downtown window decorations and displays, there are many places to take a fun holiday drive! If you’re looking to do the same, and enjoy the Christmas spirit, take advantage of our annual list of Crazy Christmas Houses.

Simply visit this page on your mobile device and use Google Maps to route yourself around Fort Wayne!


Start out your tour of Fort Wayne's great Christmas light displays, at the epicenter in downtown Fort Wayne with the Santa and his reindeer display on the PNC Building at Main and Berry. Then hit the Merry Christmas Wreath at the Indiana Michigan Power building. Oh, and don't forget about the sky bridge above Calhoun St or Aunt Millie's Northern lights on Pearl Street. Plus, if you have time, take a wander downtown and enjoy all of the beautiful window displays, which you can vote on at this link.

Best Christmas Lights Display - 1144 Wabash Avenue


1. 1144 Wabash Avenue

Twas the month before Christmas and all through the yard, not a creature was stirring except Santa cooking hard. The reindeer waited patiently for their fresh cooked treat, Mrs. Claus, not so much, she's ready to eat! The snowman is chilling every minute of the day. With soldiers guarding the house and 42,200 lights lighting the way, Santa takes a bath watching the music cued light in prep for his soon to be very long flight.

These lights will be on display dusk until 10:00 pm Sunday- Thursday, and dusk to 11:00 pm Friday and Saturday. Special thanks to Ed Heinkel.

Best Christmas Lights Display - Werling Drive

2. 5606 Werling Drive

Special thanks to Gladys and Stve Davies for submitting!

Tyland Blvd Christmas Lights Display - Fort Wayne, IN

3. 1828 S. Tyland Blvd. New Haven, IN 46774

Expect to see around 30,000 lights. Plus, make sure you see all four sides of this decorated house. These lights will be on display from 5:00 pm-1:00 am, and 5:00 am-8:00 am through January 3. Special thanks to Mary and Joseph Fortman.

4. 1934 Bear Paw Dr.

Special thanks to Deb Kessler for submitting!

Best Christmas Lights Display - Scarlet Court

5. 7527 Scarlet Court

Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Claus for submitting!

Best Christmas Lights Display - Nordholme Avenue

6. 2714 Nordholme Avenue

Thanks to Notta Scrooge for submitting! :)

Best Christmas Lights Display - Timberland Drive

7. 4831 Timberland Drive

Speical thanks to Emily Salisbury and Bonnie Lafever for submitting!

8. 4801 Forest Grove Drive

Special thanks to Chuck Wyss for submitting!

Monique Drive Christmas Lights Display - Fort Wayne, IN

9. 9314 Monique Drive

Expect to see 17,000 LED lights. Special thanks to Ryan Dirschell.

Best Christmas Lights Display - Pioneer Creek Court

10. 14715 Pioneer Creek Ct

Special thanks to Jim Hannie for submitting!

Best Christmas Lights Displays- Bufflehead Run

11. 12215 Bufflehead Run

Special thanks to Joshua Robison for submitting!

Best Christmas Lights Display - 4728 Willow Brook Drive

12. 4728 Willow Brook Drive

Special thanks to Holly Fox for submitting!

13. 4030 Shannon Drive

Special thanks to Scott & Patty Moseley for submitting!

Canonero Lane Christmas Lights Display - Fort Wayne, IN

14. 7911 Canonero Lane

Special thanks to Chris Roberts.


Best Christmas Lights Display - Coldwater Road

15. 10707 Coldwater Road

Enjoy over 14,000 lights and be sure to tune your radio to 107.7 for a special show. Special thanks to the Jacob's Well Church and Adam Gaines for submitting.

Best Christmas Lights Display - Wayfair Place

16.  11405 Wayfair Place

Special thanks to Matt and Brooke Booher for submitting!

Best Christmas Lights Display - 11314 Kings Crossing

17. 11314 Kings Crossing 

Expect to enjoy a full size animated LED-lit displays.Highlights include Santa chasing after his sleigh and reindeer as they take off without him. Special thanks to David Brown.

Crooked Creek Christmas Lights Display - Fort Wayne, IN

18. 1618 Crooked Creek Pkwy

Expect to see 35,000 lights, a timed musical display. This display is even viewable from Union Chapel. Special thanks to Jason Grossnickle.

Best Christmas Lights Display - 15509 Golden Eagle Nest

19. 15509 Golden Eagle Nest

Special thanks to Anna Allison for submitting!

Best Christmas Lights Display - Monte Carlo Drive

20. 1312 Monte Carlo Drive

Enjoy some beautiful lights timed to music at this display, which will be bigger and better than last year's! Don't forget to tune into 88.1 FM! Special thanks to Beth and Ron Clemens

Delano Cover Christmas Lights Display - Fort Wayne, IN

21. 13329 Delano Cove

Expect to see 13 classic 50,000 LED lights, a 17 1/2 ft tall tree, and much more. Enjoy this show with songs from 6:00-9:00 pm weekdays, 5:30-11:00 pm weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), and 5:00 pm-12:00 am Christmas Eve.

The 2 neighboring houses will also be a part of the show, and don't forget to tune your radio to 88.5. If you wish, a box will be out front so you can also drop off letters for a veteran on an Honor Flight. Thank you, Jason and Jodie Pearson, and special thanks to Jeff McKnight and David McKnight.

Ludwig Road Christmas Lights Display - Fort Wayne, IN

22. 1127 W Ludwig Road

Enjoy seeing more than 9,000 lights, blow-up displays, and more. Plus, tune your radio to 97.7 to enjoy the light dance set to music. If you have little ones, make sure to bring a letter to Santa with your return address. Special thanks to TJ and Joan Smith.

Pelham Drive Christmas Lights Display - Fort Wayne, IN

23. 721 Pelham Drive

At this display, you can even drop off letters to Santa. Just make sure it is self-addressed and includes a stamp. Special thanks to Matt and Jody Ellenwood.

Kentland Avenue Christmas Lights Display - Fort Wayne, IN

24. 4015 Kentland Avenue

Special thanks to Doug Mounsey.

Morgan Creek Drive Christmas Lights Display - Fort Wayne, IN


25. 1818 Morgan Creek Drive

In addition to the beautiful display, this house will be accepting donations of winter coats and sock to give to the less fortunate. Plus, weather pending, there might be some hot chocolate and candy canes.

Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Girardot.

Best Christmas Lights Display - Rosalind Court

26. 2259 Rosalind Court

Special thanks to Amy Miller for submitting!

Best Christmas Lights Display - Henry V Crossing

27. 2108 Henry V Crossing

Special thanks to Corey Lee for submitting!

Best Christmas Lights Display - 1116 Almdale Drive

28. 1116 Almdale Drive

If you'd like to send a letter to Santa, this house has a mailbox that Santa checks. Just leave a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your letter, and Santa will be sure to write back.

Special thanks to Mide Bedwell for submitting!

Best Christmas Lights Display - Union Station Drive

29. 422 Union Station Drive

Special thanks to Michael Hunsche for submitting!

30. 13525 Plumbago Court

Enjoy a fun tribute to the Cubs, and make sure to bring some canned goods to donate to the Community Harvest Food Bank. Last year, this house donated over 250 lbs. of food.

This show will run from 5:15 - 11:30 pm every night! Special thanks to Missy Girardot.

Best Christmas Lights Display - Emerald Lake

31. 2828 Emerald Lake Drive

Special thanks to Lashonda Mazock for submitting!

Chancery Place Christmas Lights Display - Fort Wayne, IN

32. 3902 Chancery Place

Special thanks to Brian Potts.

Best Christmas Lights Display - Orchard Green Place

33. 4808 Orchard Green Place

Special thanks to Mike Robinson for submitting!

Additional Displays

Best Christmas Lights Display - Willowind Trail

1211 Willowind Trail - Special thanks to Carrol Lepper for submitting!

Another beautiful spot is driving through the Fantasy of Lights at Franke Park! Or even walking around Jefferson Pointe, and the beautiful Botanical Conservatory's exhibit of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

We realize this still isn't all of the beautiful Christmas Light Displays, so if your house or you know of a house that should be added to our list, please fill out this form and we will add them the list!

*Special thanks to Heather S. who has helped us start this great tradition!

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