Recently I delivered my daughter at the Fort Wayne International airport for her latest excursion overseas (Indonesia for a teaching job).

As we entered at the far west level of the ticket counters, we saw beautiful large pieces of artwork covering the walls. The colors were vibrant and popped out at us as we walked through the revolving doors. Wow!


I loved the whimsical drawing of a giraffe. A large face of Albert Einstein, while a completely different topic than a giraffe, was just as attention-grabbing. Additional paintings of an old shoe and sunflower seemed to pulsate with life, even if they were painted in an unusual assortment of non-conventional colors.

The person responsible for the colorful paintings is Fort Wayne-based artist Alexa Hall.

For most of her life, she has been drawing in notebooks, although she graduated from Indiana University with a non-art degree.

She did not pick up a brush and finish a painting until 2010. Alexa had her first art show in September 2013 at the Dash-In in downtown Fort Wayne. 

Her professional career now includes selling work nationally, touring the USA in the summer festival circuit.

In addition to her works in the FWA's West Gallery, Alexa has work displayed in the gallery on the airport's second floor at the top of the escalators.

The airport's art program rotates new artists in its galleries several times a year.

Alexa also has a temporary gallery at the City Exchange Shops in downtown Fort Wayne through the end of May.

Stop by either of these locations to see creations by one of Fort Wayne's newest artists!

*Cover photo - Art by Alexandra Hall - courtesy of the Fort Wayne Airport