I wish I was the type of person who could wander around an art gallery for hours, deeply appreciating every brushstroke, wire placement, photograph or pencil etch. Unfortunately, I am one of those “this is cool” people who take a 10-second look at a painting and then move on to the next piece. However, I have to say that I am always fascinated by practicality, which is why the current exhibit at Artlink is truly rave-worthy in my book. The Sharpie Show, running at Artlink now through July 6, features a variety of works created by local artists who all generated their art with the use of Sharpie permanent markers and paints. Drawings, sculptures, photographs, paintings, sketches on pigskin—even a pair of shoes - are featured pieces of this exhibit. Artlink’s dim lighting and clean-cut look creates a relaxed, modern feel that invites guests to peruse through the different segments of the building while being greeted by a fresh new piece of Sharpie artwork around every corner. There is so much to entertain and intrigue at this show, and you will be shocked by all the creativity that sprang from just a few felt-tipped markers. Whether your tastes lie with whimsical drawings of people or landscapes, or whether you prefer contemporary abstract paintings or works that make bold political statements, there is something for every art-lover at the Sharpie Show.  Be sure to catch a glimpse of the Sharpie robot that creates its own drawings of various patterns with the use of multiple marker colors. The Sharpie Show exhibit runs until July 6, so make your way into Artlink to take in all the artwork created with America’s favorite permanent maker!