Some like it hot! From time to time, I like to try spicy food items.
When I do, I like to try spicy dishes at ethnic restaurants within Fort Wayne.

On a recent trip through town, I decided to stop at a Burmese restaurant to try out a spicy dish. A Kaung Zarr Asian Restaurant, located in a nondescript building, serves up some great spicy foods. The friendly owner, who is a Myanmar (formerly Burma) refugee suggested O Cut. The moderately spicy chicken served in a chicken curry was delicious! The owner suggested that I would try the Pad Kee Moo, or spicy noodles. As I had enough food, I decided to try it on my next visit to the restaurant.

If you are not into spicy foods, A Kaung Zarr Asian Restaurant serves some great dishes. I suggest those who don't want to burn their tongue to try the eatery's pickled tea salad, potato somosas, lo mein salad or shrimp egg rolls. They serve Burmese tea and soft drinks.

For those that love spicy, this restaurant on the south side of Fort Wayne (5025 Decatur Road, near Bishop Luers High School). It is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (closed Mondays). Most food items are under $10.00, so the food will burn your mouth not your wallet!