We always have an absolute ball at the zoo - our kiddos look so forward to the sea lions (which happen to be one of our favorites!), Bill The Lion, the monkeys...and so many other furry friends that we enjoy visiting with year after year. This year our kids have been so thrilled about "meeting" all of the new animals, that we raced right by the ice cream and treats just to make sure we were able to see them all! Our son pulled my hand the entire two or three hours hustling mommy up through exhibits to get a peek at the new 3-foot long tasselled wobbegong shark lurking in the 50,000 gallon Great Barrier Reef aquarium shark tank. Which by the way, was definitely worth the calories burned during our "zoo sprint." The aquarium is home to many underwater creatures including the moon jelly which was quite entrancing! Our daughter patiently waited to see her favorite newcomer....while taking in all the oooh's and aaah's of the day! She was certain that we had saved the best for last upon meeting Sara, the new horse that resides in the big red barn at the Indiana Family Farm! She was just as beautiful and graceful as she had imagined! The fascination felt by children and adults alike makes the zoo a place we want to come back to, time and again all season long! The cleanliness, the friendly staff, the pristine landscaping and so many extraordinary animals that are comfortable enough in their habitats to allow visitors a close-up and sometimes, they get down-right entertaining! Some of them show a slight hint of the "yes, I know I am magnificent thank you very much" personality - and oh, they really are! Some love to be fed by their human friends . . . some look intimidating . . . and yet others look as soft and serene as an angel! There's so much to see at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, and so much to do with activities such as pony rides, the zoo train (a handcrafted, scaled replica of an original 1863 C. P. Huntington locomotive), the relaxing river ride (in your own dugout canoe), the Sky Safari that takes you 38 feet in the air above the African Journey, and of course the magical whimsical Endangered Species Carousel - depicting endangered animals from Southeast Asia! Your family is sure to find so many thrilling adventures at the zoo - a great place for fun and education that the whole family can enjoy! Be sure to check out their special events calendar, creature features, animal trainings (which is completely wonderfully fun!), feeding schedules and VIP experiences when planning your visit. You can find out more online. It will surely be a day of smiles for the entire family!