John Mellencamp once sang "Well I was born in a small town

And I can breathe in a small town." If you are like me and need an

escape from the city life, small towns are literally minutes away

from downtown Fort Wayne. From tall skyscrapers to

farm fields is a 30 minute or less drive. Want to take a day break

from the hustle and bustle of the big city and explore the

countryside? Follow this iternary:

Venture out to the small town of Harlan. Get your day started off right

with a donut from Harlan Bakery. Located at 11911 Water Street in

Harlan, this mom-and-pop shop has your favorite donut, fresh from

the oven.

After breakfast, check out the local antique shop. Harlan Haus. located at 17431

Indiana State Road 37, is a two story, gray house filled with tons of antiques.

From music records to toys a you will experience the wonders of yesteryear.

Next, explore Amish businesses that dot the landscape.

Check out Smuckers Farm Market (12815 Doty Road, New Haven)

and purchase fresh produce or baked goods. If you need quality, Amish-

crafted furniture you can find it at at Miller's Country Sales (11205 Roth Road,


For lunch try Dairy Sweet. Located at 13305 State St., in Grabill

the Dairy Sweet over 40 sandwiches and appetizers, sundaes and

novelties. The restaurant serves up great hamburgers and hot dogs.

However, their desserts are the best in the area. Make sure you save


After lunch take a relaxing stroll in the woods. Take a short drive to the Blue

Cast Nature Perserve (21412 Bluecast Road, Woodburn) and reconnect with

nature!) Listen to the sound of the animals as they move throughout the woods

and the rustling of the leaves in the breeze. Feel like you are a million miles

away from all your worries! Don't feel like a hike? Drive around the countryside,

and watch Amish buggies drive by your car. If it is late summer or early fall,

stop and buy produce at one of several Amish produce stands.

After you spend a day in Amish county, you will feel refreshed and take

on the next stage of your life.