Every year is a great year in Fort Wayne, Indiana. With multiple groundbreakings on major development projects, openings of new restaurants and coffee shops, and a buzzing entertainment and tourism scene, Fort Wayne is more vibrant than ever before.

Next year is already looking to be a great year with new developments, activities, and restaurants, but let’s reminisce with some of favorite post and photos to commemorate 2018!

2018 Fort Wayne, Indiana Favorites

We had a major love affair with all of our great restaurants. We indulged in some of the best cookies and s’mores in Fort Wayne and dined on iconic Fort Wayne dishes.

We celebrated the holidays and fall foliage. we explored with our families throughout the year on weekend getaways and at can’t miss holiday events, and we even explored with our fur babies. And, we discovered what it means to be a zookeeper at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, how to enjoy our three rivers, and how to make the most of Fort Wayne.

Favorite #MyFortWayne Photos of 2018

With #MyFortWayne, you shared Indiana's second largest city - our people, festivals, attractions, restaurants, and landscapes - with the world. We want to give a special thanks to those who allowed us to share a few of these photos on our own Instagram account (@VisitFortWayne) this year. With thousands of amazing photos submitted, selecting our favorites was a serious challenge.

But here they are. Our 18 favorite #MyFortWayne photos of 2018!

Sky Squirrel Studio Downtown Fort Wayne Fall Photo #MyFortWayne

Jasmine Bejar Downtown Fort Wayne #MyFortWayne Photo


DO NOT USE Hannah Wenndt Fort Wayne Children's Zoo Giraffee #MyFortWayne Photo


DO NOT USE Kevin Mullett Downtown Fort Wayne Santa and His Reindeer Holiday Display Lighting #MyFortWayne Photo


DO NOT USE Sean O'Leary Downtown Fort Wayne Middle Waves Music Festival #MyFortWayne Photo


DO NOT USE Bambi Guthrie Photography Bird and Cleaver Sandwich in Fort Wayne, Indiana #MyFortWayne Photo


DO NOT USE Thomas Wiebe Downtown Fort Wayne Skyline Photo #MyFortWayne Photo


DO NOT USE K.W. Kimmel  Downtown Fort Wayne Skyline Photo #MyFortWayne Photo


DO NOT USE MargoJean Downtown Fort Wayne Skyline Photo from Parkview Field #MyFortWayne Photo


DO NOT USE Above the Fort Downtown Fort Wayne Skyline Aerial Photo from Riverfront #MyFortWayne Photo


DO NOT USE Tim Zink Mural and Sculpture Image in Downtown Fort Wayne #MyFortWayne Photo


DO NOT USE Hilarye Fuller Canoeing in Fort Wayne, Indiana #MyFortWayne Photo


DO NOT USE Adrienne A. Stronczek photo at Stingray Bay at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo in Fort Wayne, Indiana #MyFortWayne Photo


DO NOT USE Element Fort Wayne image of Taste of the Arts Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana, #MyFortWayne Photo