Family exploring the murals in Downtown Fort Wayne

Summer in Fort Wayne

Signs of Spring: Flowers at Foster Park

One of Fort Wayne's prettiest places to hang out, especially in spring, is Foster Park. Located on Fort Wayne's south side at the corner of Rudisill Blvd and Broadway Street, it is resplendent each spring with colorful blooms. The city's hard-working gardeners prepare the numerous flower beds each…

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Explore Fort Wayne – A Great College Town

Certainly, you want to visit the campus of your college or university. Depending on the campus, you’ll need to check out the student housing, parking lots or garages, dining options, and other necessary facilities. But it’s good to know about your future college town , too. So, let me…

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Food Truck Rallies: The Fort through Food and Community

Having recently moved to Fort Wayne I was incredibly excited to explore the Fort's diverse neighborhoods and their accompanying restaurant offerings. Luckily I was offered the perfect outlet for doing both when seven of the Fort’s food trucks visited the south central Oakdale neighborhood…

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Top 5 Reasons Creative Types love Fort Wayne

It is often said that creative pursuits are solitary ones and that the life of an artist is a lonely one. In reality, artists thrive off of other artists. Painters can inspire writers who can spark an idea for a lyric to a song which a photographer listens to as she rearranges perceptions and…

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Ride Green Ft. Wayne Pub Tour

Often when I find myself in a new area I like to get a bit of “ground time”. Going on a walk, run, or bike ride is a wonderful, sensual experience for getting in touch with what a city, town, or countryside has to offer. A little quality time in nature or a quick pit stop in a new restaurant…

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Focus on 46807 - a Great Place to Live!

"If you haven't lived or worked on the south side of Fort Wayne, you might get the idea it's a dangerous place." That's the lead-in to a fantastic piece written about the 46807 recently in The Journal-Gazette. 46807 is located in south-central Fort Wayne. Its boundaries are roughly between…

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