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Family posing at Walt Whitman Mural downtown

Spring Activities

Rob H.
Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Rob has dabbled in local media and entertainment, most notably as the morning sidekick "Zagnut" on WOWO in the early 2000's. Now he works in marketing and communication and does some freelance writing in his spare time. He also loves traveling and spending time with his wife and son. Yeah, he's busy, but he's having a ton of fun! Once you've read everything at, go ahead and check out or follow Rob on Twitter @RobHinesWriter.

5 Restaurants to Keep Your Kids Happy

No one told us this one. Everybody told us the hard parts of having children. Changing diapers. Random Puking. Endless Laundry. But nobody warned us about how gosh-darned difficult it would be to simply pick a place for dinner. It was hard enough when we were just a couple of crazy kids…

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Fort Food Nerd: The Koto Experience

Okay, okay. I’m biased. I love Japanese food, so the task of treating myself to a dinner of sushi and hibachi grilled awesomeness is pretty sweet. But I’m a professional, and I am committed to relaying my experiences at Koto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi to you, the loyal Visit Fort Wayne…

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Budget Gifts for Nerds

Black Friday is over. Cyber Monday has passed. That means if you’re still shopping for gifts, you may be running low on cash. If you've noticed that some of those names on your list tend to be your nerdier friends and family, I've done some digging to find some really cool ideas that will…

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