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Kids' Canal at Promenade Park

Spring in Fort Wayne!

Mike F.

Apart from spending his college years in West Lafayette, Indiana, and Dayton, Ohio, Mike Flohr is a lifetime resident of the Summit City. Today he divides his time among his wife, Megan, his job as an elementary school teacher, and his many geek obsessions.

Top Five Fort Wayne Italian Subs and Grinders

I’m a sandwich guy. You know, it’s funny – I was about to write “second only to my love of hamburgers is my love of Italian subs,” but then I realized I actually enjoy them more than hamburgers. Andlike with hamburgers, there are a ton of great places to get a sub in Fort Wayne. Here are my top five…

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The Heroes and Legends of Wrestling Return to Fort Wayne

I’ve been to a number of live wrestling shows over the last several years, but until this past summer, the shows I’d seen had been exclusively WWE events. In June my friend Jake and I hit the road for a couple independent shows around the state, and they were refreshingly (pardon the wrestling pun) raw. It was wrestling without the corporate sheen…

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Avenged Sevenfold Rocks in Fort Wayne

For the past decade – and for nearly a decade before that – Avenged Sevenfold has been bringing metal to the masses, and that continues on Tuesday, September 20 when Avenged Sevenfold rocks the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum here in Fort Wayne, Indiana…

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Tolon, A Downtown Dining Gem

I am not a food snob. If it’s good, I’ll eat it. And I’m as comfortable at a steakhouse as I am at a fast food joint. Having said that, though, it’s obvious that some restaurants are better than others – better atmosphere, better service, and most importantly, better food. For those of us who love to eat, living in, working in, and visiting Fort Wayne has been especially “tasty” lately with so many great new restaurants opening. One of those is Tolon, a Midwestern supplier-focused, farm-to-fork restaurant located at 614 South Harrison Street…

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Middle Waves Music Festival - The Best Music Research

My first concert experience was at a music festival. Wait – my first concert experience was at THE music festival, Lollapalooza, in 1995. It was the summer after my senior year of high school, and as an alternative music fan, I was stoked to see some of my favorite bands in the flesh: Sonic Youth, Beck, Hole (Courtney Love punched my friend Dan in the arm!), Cypress Hill (The best mosh pit I’ve ever been in!), The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (Trombones!). It was the start of a love affair with live music; over the course of the next year I went on to see Live, PJ Harvey, Bush, The Goo Goo Dolls, No Doubt…and I haven’t looked back. I’ve seen pretty much all of the great ‘90s alternative bands, but there’s one exception that stands out, and that’s The Flaming Lips. But this September 16 - 17 I’ll be able to remedy that at Fort Wayne’s inaugural Middle Waves Music Festival…

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Weird Al 2016 Concert

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then that makes parody…what? Hero worship? At the very least, it’s an acknowledgment of the power of another artist’s work and the mutability of that art. As a pop culture enthusiast and someone who can constantly make myself laugh with my own parodies, I’ve long loved the form, and I can trace that love to two sources: Spaceballs and “Weird Al” Yankovic. The former, I can see whenever I want to thanks to the magic of home video; the latter, the opportunity is far more elusive, so we’re extremely lucky that Al’s The Return of the Mandatory World Tour is coming to the Foellinger Outdoor Theatre here in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on Sunday, June 26 at 7:30 p.m…

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Two Great Concerts at Foellinger Theatre

The Foellinger Theatre's 2016 concert series is insane! Fort Wayne, Indiana, is proud to host a "who's who" of rock ‘n' roll legends all summer long. The lineup kicks off this month with Ann and Nancy Wilson - aka Heart - hitting the stage on Friday, May 13 and the "Spend the Night With Alice…

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Summerland Tour in the Summit City

I've spent a lot of time recently talking to some of my younger students (late teens to early twenties) about today's music, students who share my distaste for most of it. The fact that they do so makes me feel like less of a grumpy old man of the "back in my day..." sort. Wait, let me amend that…

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Fort Wayne, A Bird Town Indiana

One of the signs of someone's great interest in a subject is that that person has stories. These aren't just any stories, though; these are stories that rely on one's intimate knowledge of and experiences with a subject. The excitement that comes from the telling of the story - the sharing of the…

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