Fort Wayne Fall Skyline Drone Photo

Fall in Fort Wayne

Lynn S.
Lynn Stone is a wife and mother of two, and founder of the go-to green living blog for parents, Being a mom who was raised in Fort Wayne, Lynn has a deep appreciation for our city and the families raising their children in this community. She is excited to share a greener, healthier and family-friendly Fort Wayne with you! Follow her on Twitter, @SmilingGreenMom and Facebook or visit

Farm Fun at Fort Wayne's Salomon Farm!

As a "green" parent and blogger, I have a special place in my heart for organic farming. Our son has suffered from severe food allergies and intolerances since he was a baby. His skin was covered with eczema that caused frustration, anxiety and stress...but led us down a path that we would ultimately be grateful for…

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Three Rivers...Three Times the Fun!

Why do the people of Fort Wayne fuss over a river? Because we have THREE! There's a ton of history and fun that can be had on these beautiful (and historic!) landmarks. "The St. Marys River cuts through the southeast section of Allen County, flowing northward, while the St. Joseph River cuts…

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Fort Wayne Consignment is there in a Pinch

As a mom, I have to admit that whenever our family travels more than about 15 miles, we load up our van and all of our gear and it seems to be popping out the windows...and that's just 15 miles! No matter how much planning, organization and time we have to prepare for a vacation...there always seems to be the "uh-oh" moment when we arrive…

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Are You Smarter Than a Zoo Keeper?

Okay, so sometimes I can argue that my fourth-grader is sneaking up on me with her quick wit and impeccable memory, but is she smarter than a Zoo Keeper? Wow, the absolute challenge! I may know the animals at the zoo, I can read the plaque at the cage and explain to my children what…

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Get a Backstage Pass to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

Have you ever wondered how those talented employees feel when they are actually "behind the scenes" at the Zoo? What does it look like? How does it feel? How close do they really get? Now YOU can experience jungle life this summer like you never have before! The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo is…

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Happily Ever After at Fort Wayne Ballet's "The Sleeping Beauty"

Sleeping Beauty is a classic fairytale loved by many! This age old tale, involving a beautiful princess, enchantment, and a handsome prince has become one of America's most beloved stories of all time. Perhaps you have read this story to your children? Or maybe your grandmother read it to you…

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The Mizpah Shrine Circus, Family Fun in 2012!!

Fort Wayne is preparing for yet another, fabulous, over-the-top, under the “Big Top” circus event! The Mizpah Shrine Circus is back for yet another riveting show featuring exotic animals, talented performers and a variety of entertaining stunt-oriented artists that will keep your family on…

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