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Holidays In Fort Wayne

Kayleen R.
Kayleen Reusser has written children’s books and had stories in Chicken Soup books. She writes features for the News-Sentinel newspaper and profiles for the Ossian Sun Riser. She loves to travel and write about her experiences at her website:

Chicago-- Newest Inductee to Rock n Roll's Hall of Fame!

49 years! I can't believe my all-time favorite rock band, Chicago, has been around nearly five decades! I’ve been a fan since the early 1970s when they had so many of my favorite Top Ten hits: "Make Me Smile," "25, or 6 to 4", "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?" and "Beginnings," "Saturday In The Park", "Feelin' Stronger Every Day," and “Just You 'N Me," "(I've Been) Searchin' So Long," "Call On Me," and "Wishing You Were Here"…

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Summer Travel Ideas for Seniors in Fort Wayne

One thing you can say for us Seniors—we like to get out and go! Fort Wayne is a great city to tour at any age, but these are my favorite places to visit for those of us who have learned to appreciate beauty and opportunities to learn, no matter the age. The great thing visitingthem will not break the budget…

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La Chic Vintage Market Spring Show

I love the fact that the word ‘vintage' can refer to a number of decorating styles: antiques, refurbished furniture, handmade items, boutique-style apparel, handmade jewelry, farmhouse style, architectural salvage, and unique home décor. [[endteaser]] That encompasses much of my decorating style so…

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Artwork at Fort Wayne International Airport that Pops!

Recently I delivered my daughter at the Fort Wayne International airport for her latest excursion overseas (Indonesia for a teaching job). As we entered at the far west level of the ticket counters, we saw beautiful large pieces of artwork covering the walls. The colors were vibrant and popped out at us as we walked through the revolving doors. Wow…

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Fort Wayne Firefighters Museum - Perfect for All Ages!

I've toured theFort Wayne Firefighters Museum several times in the past for research in writing travel stories. Who doesn't like big, red, shiny fire engines! Last week I toured the Firefighters Museum with a 6-year-old friend and boy, did I see the firetrucks in a new way…

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Shipshewana Hits the Road to Fort Wayne

I confess I've lived in Indiana all of my life and have only been to Shipshewana in northern Indiana Amish country for its summer flea market sales twice, both with girlfriends. It is an unbelievably large outdoor place with what seems like the entire town selling items in the summer. I've always…

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National Alpaca Show & Auction to take place at Memorial Coliseum

I first learned about alpacas while watching an Australian show on Netflix called McLeod's Daughters. An alpaca is a tall, four-legged fuzzy animal with a long neck. It is a cousin to the llama. The ‘fuzz' on an alpaca is 10 pounds of fleece that's typically sheared annually. At one time this fleece was reserved for royalty. Today, hand-spinners, fiber artists, and knitters buy it as yarn for special projects. While the emphasis on the TV show was not on these four-legged creatures, it was educational about alpacas. One thing I learned about alpacas is that they are a relatively new animal in North America when compared to other livestock. The first alpacas were commercially imported in 1984. Today, there are more than 230,000 registered alpacas…

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Celtic Woman at Embassy--World-Class Style

  To see Mairead Nesbitt, the female fiddler for Celtic Woman, on stage reminds me of a wild woodland sprite. She dances, jumps, and spins around on stage, while simultaneously strumming a complex tune on her violin. It almost makes me dizzy to watch her. We had watched several of their shows on our local PBS station and during a previous experience when they appeared in Fort Wayne…

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