Family exploring the murals in Downtown Fort Wayne

Summer in Fort Wayne

Jodi D.
Jodi D. is a consultant for faith-based, private and independent schools. In her spare time, she loves to spend time volunteering for area nonprofit organizations and playing with her two young nephews. She also enjoys visiting area ethnic restaurants. Find Jodi on Twitter @ConsultJodi.

Cinda B.

All women know the power of the purse? I do! Even though I rarely carry a purse, I often donate them to my clients' silent auctions! And I really love to provide to give purses and totes to family and friends as gifts for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. Giving a great gift makes me happy…

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Downtown Walking Tour

I love to walk the streets of Downtown Fort Wayne! I enjoy the friendly faces, fabulous smells and wonderful activities. Whether the day is sunny and warm or cold and chilly, downtown Fort Wayne is a great place for a stroll. A self-guided walk of Fort Wayne will allow you to meet Fort Wayne's…

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Fall Fun on the Kuenhart Dairy Farm

As a young child, I often visited my uncle's dairy farm. I enjoyed feeding the baby calves and watching the cows milked. I still can feel a young calves' toungue on my hand – it's sorta like sandpaper. Now as an adult, I believe everyone young child should have an opportunity to see real cows up…

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Take a Hike at Vandolah

Do you love the great outdoors? Take a hike! The Vandolah Nature Preserve (16151 Tother Road, Leo, IN 46765) is a wonderful refuge in this busy world. Owned by The Acres' Land Trust, this preserve contains 47 acres (45.5 of the 47 acres have been dedicated through IDNR's Division of Nature…

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West Central Neighborhood Home and Garden Tour & ArtsFest

The fall months are a great time to explore Fort Wayne's historical neighborhoods. I love to walk around older areas of town, peek into old homes and talk to local residents. One of my favorite neighborhoods to explore is West Central, one of Fort Wayne's oldest neighborhoods, located just West of…

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Grabill Country Fair

Apple dumplings, carmel popcorn and hearty noodles are a few of my favorite things in the fall. When I crave all three things, I head to Grabill. This small town of 1,000 is 30 minutes Northeast of downtown Fort Wayne, right in the middle of Amish country. It's my great escape place when I need a…

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Castle Gallery

I have a deep appreciation for art! And, I have an equal appreciation for castles. Art and castles collide at the Castle Gallery. It's a beautiful place with equally magnificent pieces of artwork. Nestled in the heart of the West Central neighborhood, it truly is a fine gem. Built in 1905 as a…

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Harrison Hill Home Tour

A few years ago, I met a young couple who decided to relocate to Fort Wayne. They were happily settled into careers on the West Coast. They loved the California lifestyle, but they hated the area's steep cost of old homes! So, they decided to take a vacation to the Midwest and look at old homes…

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Sone Sea Yar

My brother, who is more culturally savvy than me, raised goats a few years ago. He sold goats for slaughter. The majority of his customers were Muslim refugees from Asian countries or Christians raised in African countries, who dined regularly on goat meat. He, also, kept a small portion of…

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