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Kids' Canal at Promenade Park

Spring in Fort Wayne!

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Jennifer B.

Jennifer Barton is a dedicated wife and mother of five wonderful children.  She has served both in the active duty Air Force and as a military wife and has lived in numerous locations around the country.  After completing her enlistment, she returned to her native Fort Wayne to complete her degree at the University of Saint Francis and raise her children in her hometown.  A self-professed history nerd and nature lover, she is often found exploring Fort Wayne's streets and studying its history, along with exploring the remarkable scenery around town.

Discover Fort Wayne, Indiana's Vibrant Culture

Fort Wayne is a very colorful city. Besides the beauty of the trees in autumn, the lights at Christmastime, and the colorful flowers of the many parks in springtime, there are many other “colorful” things about our fair city. To represent that, here are a few of those colorful attractions…

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A Perfect Spring Day in Fort Wayne, Indiana

The rising sun touches the pillow, coming a little earlier each day, beckoning me to a beautiful early spring morning. Though not often a morning person, I am drawn outside to a peaceful start to what is sure to be a wonderful day; a cool breeze is blowing, the cheery cardinal is singing, and a bright goldfinch stops by the feeder as I sip my tea and plan my day. …

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