Gorgon3 Weighing a Komodo Dragon is a tricky process, especially when that Komodo Dragon is 18 years old and weighs hundreds of pounds. To maintain excellent health as she ages, Gorgon, the 18-year-old Komodo dragon at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, gets regular monthly weigh-ins. Picking up and ... More ›
Everyone loves babies, and you'll be able to see several little ones of the animal variety this season! There is tons of new life in many of the zoo exhibits, and we are excited for all of our visitors to see the new baby animals. Joey The kangaroo yard is home to at least three joeys this year. ... More ›
The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo has hosted countless visitors, but last fall they hosted a very special one - National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore. Photographer Satore visited the zoo to photograph some of their most unusual species for his Photo Ark project. Sartore's main goal was to photograph ... More ›
On a cold February morning, we have a spot of hope looking forward to the opening of the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo in April. To help you look forward to these warm sunny days, an update on how some of our favorite Fort Wayne residents are spending their winters: Kaasidy, the black and white ... More ›

Posted on April 19, 2012 at 7:17:28 am by Fort Wayne Childrens Zoo

The Zoo Opens This Saturday!

It's finally here - the zoo opens for its 48th season on Saturday, April 21! Don't miss these highlights as you enjoy hours of family fun at the zoo: Seven playful dingo puppies have been making headlines since they were born on January 30. All seven pups should be in the exhibit for opening ... More ›

Posted on April 03, 2012 at 10:46:35 am by Fort Wayne Childrens Zoo

Want to tell our penguins apart? Here's how!

With the warm weather upon us, we are all getting ready for the opening of the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. This year, come armed with some insider information to wow your friends and family . . . Wondering how zoo keepers can identify each character in our flock of 17 nearly identical ... More ›
Have you found yourself enjoying your air conditioner more than usual this year? Most animals at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo don't have access to air conditioning, but they have many strategies to cope with this summer's hot, humid weather. At the top of the list is shade. On hot days, ... More ›

Posted on August 14, 2011 at 5:42:11 am by Fort Wayne Childrens Zoo

Ride for One Token on Mad Mondays

This just in from the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo: Every ride is just one token on Mondays in August during Mad Mondays! Enjoy the Train Boat, Carousel, and Sky Safari for one token per rider (instead of the regular price of two tokens) every Monday in August. Tokens cost $1 each. The Pony ... More ›
The ring-tailed lemur troop at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo experienced a baby boom last week with the addition of three little lemurs. Caera gave birth to twin male babies and Seiodin delivered a single female baby on June 11 and 12, respectively. Seiodin is Caera's mother, so she became a ... More ›

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