Fort Wayne Fall Skyline Drone Photo

Fall in Fort Wayne

Caitlin K.
Caitlin is a Hoosier native, having spent most of her life near the Marion area. After teaching English in China, she moved back to Indiana with her husband and relocated to Fort Wayne in 2014. She grew up coming to Fort Wayne to enjoy the zoo and shop at Glenbrook and Jefferson Pointe, but since moving here, she has discovered there is much more to see and do. She currently teaches English as a second language and loves experiencing the diversity that exists in the city as well

Get a Taste of Fall at Cook’s Orchard and Farm

As an Indiana native who happens to love all things fall, I feel there is no place better for a visit than an orchard to experience the sights and smells of fall in Indiana. There's something about being able to pick your own fruit to enjoy and purchase other produce that was grown locally. Whether…

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Celebrate the Southpaws at LeftFest

What do President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Napoleon Bonaparte, and even Babe Ruth have in common? They are, or were, left-handed, like yours truly. I have always been different (in more ways than one), but as a lefty, and the only one in my family, those differences become even more pronounced at…

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