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Kids' Canal at Promenade Park

Spring in Fort Wayne!

Amanda Reusser
Amanda R.
Amanda Reusser is a 2006 graduate from Taylor University-Upland. She has spent the past 6 years living and teaching Drama, English and ESOL in Florida, Indonesia and Austria. While it was fun and insightful, she is very glad to be back home in Indiana. Amanda loves traveling, trying new foods, and learning cultural dances. She enjoys getting to know new people, teaching teenagers, and being involved with her home church.

Banh Mi Barista is a Tasty Delight!

Banh mi is a Vietnamese snack that consists of a baguette filled with meats, vegetables and spices. Banh Mi Barista is a well-known Vietnamese restaurant that consists of a variety of savory meat and vegetarian noodle specials, sandwiches, and hot and cold drinks. It’s also my newest favorite…

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Jennifer Ford Art Gallery – Fort Wayne’s Newest Art Addition

I love art. Creating it, studying it, even eating it. Here in Fort Wayne, we have an engaging and growing art hub downtown, consisting of the Museum of Art, Artlink, and the Arts United building, which hosts a variety of arts. Now, on the north side of Fort Wayne, we can add another name to the city's art venues - the Jennifer Ford Art Gallery…

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Lace Up Your Shoes for a Fun Run This Holiday Season!

To all you runners out there, don't let the cold weather get you down - join one or more of these themed races to keep your body healthy! Run #1: Gingerbread Pursuit: 4 Mile Run/Walk This is the "sweetest" run of them all! The Gingerbread Pursuit will be held on Saturday, December 12 th , at 8:30…

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An Out-of-this-world Dining Experience Awaits You at Cosmos!

Fort Wayne has a plethora of pancake houses and hometown diners, but Cosmos is one-of-a-kind and, as some locals would say, beats them all! I was honestly very impressed with the décor when I entered Cosmos for the first time. The spacious dining area was modern but still had a homey feeling. It was…

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Have Fun Scaring Yourself Silly at Fright Night!

Zombies and monster food and ghost stories - oh my! Fall is here and Fort Wayne's annual spooky celebration, Fright Night, is nearly upon us. Ever since its premier six years ago, Fright Night has been one of the most anticipated downtown events in the Fort, and for good reason. This family-friendly…

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Redefine “Abracadabra” With The Illusionists!

October is generally known for being a month filled with trickery, mystery, and intrigue. Add to that The Illusionists' magic performances and we have a fun-filled month of magic in Fort Wayne! The Illusionists is a group comprised of seven men, all of whom are magicians in their own right. With…

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