Family exploring the murals in Downtown Fort Wayne

Summer in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne: A Great Civilization

From time to time, Visit Fort Wayne has the great opportunity to gain a new perspective of Fort Wayne from younger generations. Recently, we had the chance to learn the various ways Fort Wayne is a great civilization from the 7th Grade class at Towles New Tech, thanks to their teacher Ms. McFarthing! The students were tasked with creating short videos that showcase what makes Fort Wayne a great civilization, and would convince others to visit Fort Wayne.​…

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Experiencing Fall at the IPFW Nature Trail

Mm, smell that crisp, autumn air? There’s a certain tanginess to it, a welcome relief from the mugginess of summer. If you’re new to Fort Wayne, or just stopping here long enough to check out the town, you might want to get an up-close view of what our local flora and fauna look like. So, tie on your walking shoes and grab a jacket. We’ve got a little touch of wilderness right in the middle of northeast Fort Wayne, and autumn is the perfect time to see our piece of nature at its colorful best…

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Sustainable Seafood in Downtown Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne is the city of three rivers. Local business owners have a vested interest in thehealth of our waterways, all the way to the ocean. This is good news for travelers who care about conservation: It’s easy to find sustainable seafood options here. Read on for four downtown restaurants that serve up deliciously ethical dinner plates:…

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The 90s Invade Fort Wayne

Calling all children of the 90’s! Fort Wayne will host the I Love the 90’s Tour at the Memorial Coliseum on Thursday, November 3. So whether you’re already planning to visit during that time or are looking for a way to kick off a fun weekend here, this is a concert you won’t want to miss…

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Pumpkin Hunting in Fort Wayne

Autumn is the season of pumpkins…and gourds and apple cider and all the other goodies that the Fall harvest bestows. Are you planning an October/November trip to Fort Wayne, Indiana? Lucky you! Here are three family-owned farms where pumpkinhunting is the order of the season:…

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Fall in Fort Wayne: Cook's Orchard

Apples are one of the many fall-time food staples with popular treats such as caramel apples and apple cider. During your visit to Fort Wayne, make sure to check out Cook’s Orchard to get some local apples as well as other fruits and vegetables…

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