In July 2019, Visit Fort Wayne relaunched an updated version of is the primary information hub for visitors to the Fort Wayne and Allen County area. In 2018, we hosted nearly 1 million site visitors, with more than 3 million pageviews on the Visit Fort Wayne and Current Fort Wayne websites. is the primary access point for visitors to the city, and helps bring more than 6.5 million people to Fort Wayne/Allen County annually. These visitors generate more than $94 million in tax revenue, contributing significantly to the local economy. 

MOBILE FIRST: Almost 75% of’s traffic comes from mobile devices. Our new design takes advantage of the latest mobile-first technology to provide a fast, reliable, content-rich experience for all site users, on all devices.

BUILT ON EXPERIENCE: On average, users of are highly engaged with the content we provide. They spend 15% more time on than is the national average for destination websites.

In 2018, our pageviews were 11% over the U.S. average, our visits were up 15% and our unique visitors were 7.5% higher -  as compared to other destination websites.

Our average time per page was higher, our bounce rate was lower, and our cost per visitor was significantly lower. By all standard comparisons, our site outperforms the national average significantly. With our enhanced design and function, we anticipate an increase in our success.

NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE: The site has been redesigned to be modern, attractive, photo and video heavy and easily navigable – but there is a lot more behind the scenes. The redesign included:

  • A complete audit of all site content, resulting in the re-writing or text updates to over 1,000 pages. The content is now more sales-focused, and SEO optimized for discovery on google and other search engines.
  • The site now features better and more ad space allowing for more opportunities for ad revenue, as well as opportunities for our partners to more effectively promote their business to visitors.
  • With over 75% of our traffic coming from mobile devices, our site HAD to be as mobile responsive as possible. The site was designed for mobile-first, with dozens of mobile-friendly features. In addition, the site was designed with AMP, a google standard for Accelerated Mobile Pages, that serves mobile devices an HTML page that is lightweight and stripped down. The mobile user gets a much-improved experience: content is faster, more engaging, and easier-to-read.
  • The blog, events, and partner listings have all been completely redesigned, and will take advantage of Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for faster search results.
  • Event and Partner Listing searches have been improved with an updated tool allowing for an easier search filtering experience.
  • Social content has been more widely integrated with the site, letting approved user-generated content share the authentic stories of Fort Wayne and Allen County.
  • An entirely new guide to Fort Wayne weather for visitors features stories from our insider blog describing the best activities in each season, and all year long.
  • And of course, the site also features a fresh design and updated navigation, making it easier for people to learn about Fort Wayne.

It was the right time to refresh our content and design to reflect the new needs of our online visitors, and we look forward to the increased marketing effectiveness this new site will provide.

Visit Fort Wayne, the Fort Wayne/Allen County Convention and Visitors Bureau, is the not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to expand Fort Wayne's economy by attracting convention and leisure visitors. Each year, millions of dollars from visitor spending generate increased commerce, sustained jobs and enhancement of Fort Wayne's Image.

Media Contact:

Kristen Guthrie
Director of Marketing
Visit Fort Wayne
(260) 424-3700