Visit Fort Wayne is excited to announce that this year's Great Lakes Junior Hockey League Showcase will take place in Fort Wayne! This twelve team event will be coming to the new Lutheran Health SportsCenter on December 15th-18th.

"We are always looking for additional group business in December, and after becoming familiar with our local team, the Fort Wayne Federals, and their coach Kevin Shupenia, I learned about this showcase. After doing some research, it was clear that this event was a perfect fit for Fort Wayne," explains Josie O'Donnell, Sports Sales Manager. "We are centrally located among the teams in the league, have a great new ice hockey facility, and had the support of our local team, which helped show the League that Fort Wayne was the place to be."

The teams include players ages 16-20, in high school and early college, and will come from as far away as St. Louis and Central Wisconsin. There will also be a number of scouts from teams and universities coming to Fort Wayne to check out prospective players.

We look forward to cheering on the Fort Wayne Federals this December, and thank our community partners who are crucial to our ability to bring groups like these to town.