Bandidos Menu

6060 E. State Blvd. + Website


Participating Locations:

Dupont Road: 2868 East Dupont Road

Southwest: 8230 Glencarin Blvd. (just off Hwy 14)

Georgetown: 6536 East State Blvd.

South: 7510 Winchester Road


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Savor Fort Wayne Menu

2 people for $30.00

(Choose One)
4 Stuffed Peppers
4 Taquitos

(Choose Two)
Build Your Own Salad
Build Your Own Burrito
Build Your Own Nachos

2 Fried Ice Creams

Notes: The Savor Fort Wayne Menu will be available from January 13th - 24th, 2016 during normal business hours. No reservations required.

We're taking a fresh approach to Mexican food using many locally sourced ingredients. Our salads are all made with hand-cut romaine lettuce, rather than the bagged lettuce many restaurants use, and we hand-chop our pico de gallo throughout the day. At Bandidos, you won't find any canned beans or frozen processed cheese dip. We slow-cook our pinto beans from scratch every single day and we make our queso dips using real cheese from midwest farms. It's all fresh, and it's all made daily. Come taste the difference at Bandidos.

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