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Perspectives: Live Butterfly Exhibit at the Botanical Conservatory


featured in the Showcase Garden
April 8-June 25

At the Conservatory's newest exhibit of live butterflies, you'll get at least three perspective on these winged creatures as well as "up close and personal" time in our exhibit tent! With design input from Ball State University students, the garden offers yo views from microscopic, backyard and global angles. Match our display species with their country of origin/ Learn which plants are essential for the caterpillars from which our local butterflies grow. And get a super-close look at the awesome wing scales, proboscis, and compound eyes of our butterfly friends. You wont look at butterflies the same way again!

Surround yourself with nature at an oasis in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne. Enjoy lush seasonal displays, four outdoor gardens, the Tropical Garden with orchids, palms, and a cascading waterfall, and the Sonoran Desert Garden.


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