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Mary Poppins Garden Party at the Botanical Conservatory


Mary Poppins Garden Party
featured in the Showcase Garden
January 14-April 2

When there's a bit of heavy weather brewin' indoors this winter, bring the children down to the Conservatory to explore the new Mary Poppins-themed garden exhibit. Jane and Michael banks seemed always to be in trouble. But after their new nanny arrived (in a most curious way, mind you), nothing was the same. Their time in the nursery and out for adventures taught both self-discipline and wonder. Discover Mr. Banks' world of finance, Admiral Boom's punctuality and nose for weather, a chimneysweep's rooftop perspective, and the magical imaginings of Bert's chalk drawing and carousel horse steeplechase.

Surround yourself with nature at an oasis in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne. Enjoy lush seasonal displays, four outdoor gardens, the Tropical Garden with orchids, palms, and a cascading waterfall, and the Sonoran Desert Garden.


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