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Blumengarten at the Botanical Conservatory


featured in the Showcase Garden
July 1- November 12

From summer to fall we celebrate our German twin, the City of Gera, with a special garden of European flavor. Gera was established in medieval times and retains evidence of its milennia of political and social changes. It lies within the "green heart of Germany," the central state of Thuringia, and is conscious of its responsibilities for stewardship. From the Stadtwald, or city forest, to the Renaissance-era town square and market, from the dahlia garden to the botanical garden, Gera demonstrates a respect for both nature and history.

Join us in discovering more about Gera, our German sister city since 1992.

Surround yourself with nature at an oasis in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne. Enjoy lush seasonal displays, four outdoor gardens, the Tropical Garden with orchids, palms, and a cascading waterfall, and the Sonoran Desert Garden.

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