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Fort Wayne Food Truck Association – Jim “JumBy” Garigen (Founder)94

The food trucks have arrived!  At times, it a downright caravan of taste bud pleasing goodness.  Jim "JumBy" Garigen didn't always dream of owning his own food truck and he certainly didn't foresee starting an organization like The Fort Wayne Food Truck Association.  It's that series of events that puts us in some of the most unexpected of places, especially because food trucks weren't really on the Fort Wayne scene.  


For those of us that spend any time downtown or out at events, it's obvious that things have changed.  In fact, food trucks have stepped up the game and now offer some of the areas highest quality food.  Thanks to Jim and the Fort Wayne Food Truck Association, events like FoodStock 2013 (in July) bring the public out to celebrate food, music and community.  We're excited to see what comes from this new phenomenon in the Fort.  

Fort Wayne Food Truck Association
Phone:  (260) 440-1779 
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/FortWayneFoodTruckAssociation

JumBy’s Joint

Website:  http://www.jumbysjoint.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jumbysjoint
Twitter:  @JumBysJoiNt
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