Fort Wayne's art scene has never been so vibrant! Check out all of the amazing things going on throughout the city in 2016 and beyond!

Summer of Glass

Now through September 11, 2016, art lovers of all ages can witness the splendid array of glass artwork in three exhibitions during the Fort Wayne Museum of Art's Summer of Glass. The first exhibition is a collection of glasswork created by the winners of the 44th Annual International Glass Invitational. The second contains pieces created by Albert Paley, an active glass artist for over 40 years whose work reflects art and architecture. Finally, a gallery of David Salvadore's work, an Italian artist who experiments with kilns he builds himself to create new and exciting glasswork.

Learn more about the Summer of Glass here.

New Chihuly Sculpture at FWMoA

While you are there, check out the Fort Wayne Museum of Art's iridescent new resident - a chandelier crafted by renowned glass sculptor Dale Chihuly. Guests can marvel at this splendid glass sculpture, weighing over 1,000 pounds!


Amplify Art! Crosswalk Mural

Amplify Art! Downtown Fort Wayne Crosswalk Murals

Art comes in many shapes and on many canvases. Recently, downtown Fort Wayne opted for a more urban canvas - downtown crosswalks. Two artists, Adam Garland and Nate Utesch, have created vibrant murals using the crosswalks on the art campus in downtown Fort Wayne. These murals have been created to inspire more crosswalk projects throughout the city and aid pedestrian visibility. Just one more taste of fun in the downtown landscape!


Faces of the Fort - Riverfront Fort Wayne Art Sculptures

Riverfront Art Installations

Come to the Fort Wayne Riverfront and meet the "Faces of the Fort." This temporary art installation has been created by the residents of Fort Wayne and made to represent all people. Anchored to the riverbed, these floating pieces of art will serve as a reminder of diversity and a celebration of Fort Wayne's residents.


Picasso in September at FWMoA

Picasso in September

This September 24th - November 27th, catch Picasso and the Modern Masters in Fort Wayne as FWMoA hosts special exhibit: Picasso, Braque, and Leger: 20th Century Modern Masters.

Focusing on the creative legacy of Georges Braque, Fernand Léger and Pablo Picasso, each man had the will to persist, innovate and change the course of art forever. They suffered derision for their attempts, but with the passing of time, their importance was established in the evolution of art and remains so today.


OPA National Show at Castle Gallery

OPA Brings National Show to Fort Wayne

The Oil Painters of America have chosen Fort Wayne, Indiana and The Castle Gallery as the host of their 3rd annual salon show.

This juried show will assemble the finest display of approximately 275 representational oil paintings.

Fortunately for us, the show will be available for public viewing from September 30 - October 29 during gallery hours.

Learn more here.


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