Go green with EverGreen Whether you're here for a business trip, or in town for awhile to visit family, there may come a time when accidents happen and you need dry cleaning ASAP! Conventional dry cleaning is bad for the environment and our bodies. Luckily there is a viable alternative available for visitors and residents alike. It's called EverGreen Dry Cleaning. I met up with one of the owners, Laura, recently to get the scoop.  She told me the company(under a different name) has been around for 15 years using the industry standard methods. A few years ago they decided to go green and switch to a different system to clean garments. System K4 uses a patented non halogen organic solvent that cleans better than the industry standard, is non-toxic, biodegradable, and poses no risk for ground, water, air or people. It poses no short or long-term risk. This process has been adopted on the West Coast for several years and has made its way to Indiana recently. According to Laura, the end product is better for you, smells better and won't bleed. Garments will feel softer due to a lack of chemical buildup. But the biggest advantage she says is the smell. Traditional dry cleaning leaves clothes smelling like chemicals, which can be offensive. Clothes will also last longer without the use of harsh chemicals. Perhaps the best selling point is the reasonable price. Laura says the prices are comparable and sometimes even cheaper than her competition. Talk about a no-brainer! EverGreen has two locations, making it convenient for visitors here for longer stays and in need of dry-cleaning services. Their Georgetown Square location, on the northeast side of town, offers a full service approach. The southwest location offers pick-up and drop-off only. The two locations makes it convenient for most anyone.  Check out their website for weekly coupons. Hours are Monday - Friday 7 am - 7 pm and Saturday 9 am - 3 pm. For a full list of hotels, and other extended stay accommodations, visit our hotel page!