Mamma Mia! and SHREK the Musical Are Coming to Fort Wayne!

Fort Wayne has the best in Broadway whether it is a singing ogre or Swedish pop from the 70′s.

Believe it or not, Fort Wayne is bringing some of the best Broadway shows to you and your family (without the need of plane tickets or booking a hotel room.) That’s right, the world’s favorite ogre named Shrek and some of the soothing sounds of Sweden via Mamma Mia! are taking the stage here in Fort Wayne. Beautiful venues like the Embassy Theater and the Arts United Center are giving us a chance to see some of the best of what New York City stage entertainment has to offer at some of Indiana’s largest and historical theaters.

Mamma Mia!
Embassy Theatre
Monday, October 20, 2014

Mama Mia Mamma Mia! and SHREK the Musical Are Coming to Fort Wayne!

Mamma Mia! is a legendary and timeless musical that offers fun for all ages. Mamma Mia! is a show that covers romance, friendship, and laughter with music that includes many ABBA hits (especially if it happens to be on a Friday night and the lights are low… or if you’re just looking for a place to go.)

Mamma Mia! has it all as it has successfully conveyed its message through many different adaptations whether onstage or in film. Make sure you check out Mamma Mia! once it airs to see how well they took advantage of the fact that they weren’t allowed only one set piece or location to tell the story. Also throw in the fact that you’ve got Pierce Brosnan and one of the best actresses of our time Meryl Streep to help tell this story that takes place on a Greek island. Come for the ABBA hits and stay for the wedding climax that you were hoping for.


SHREK the Musical
Arts United Center
November 8-23, 2014

Shrek Musical Mamma Mia! and SHREK the Musical Are Coming to Fort Wayne!SHREK the Musical has just about everything that you’d expect and more when it comes to an ogre and his delightful group of pals (ranging from talking animals to humans.) Based on the Academy Award winning DreamWorks film, SHREK the Musical brings the characters you’ve seen on the silver screen to the stage in this spectacle that must be seen for all ages.

The stage production of Shrek follows the story of a princess, a talking donkey with serious attitude, a string of familiar fairy tale faces/characters, a short tempered bad guy, and of course our unlikely hero of this story… an ogre named Shrek. Watch your favorite animated film in live action with brand new songs, an amazing set, and nothing but fun for anyone interested in what this irreverent comedy has in store for them or loved ones. With a long list of new songs added to the musical that may be hummed to oneself after the show is over, come see the princess be shocked when witnessing her prince charming/ogre for the first time, and then eventually turn into an ogre herself.  Stay for the heartwarming ending once the musical is ogre (or when the fairy tale puns cease.)

An excellent activity to do with the family would be to watch it again on TV or internet for home before you go to make comparisons between the film and the play. Aside from the fact that they brought computer animation to life, check out how they used their imaginations to successfully tell a story with live action (and somehow keep the idea of talking animals believable on the stage.)


When it comes to bringing the experience of Broadway to Fort Wayne, the world is a stage and the plays could possibly inspire some unconventional song or dance breaks for some of your casual conversations in your immediate future (after witnessing these theatrical works of genius.)

Kaila Strong


Kaila is a technology blogger and active online as a writer for over ten years. Her passions include technology, business, travel and much more. She has fond memories of Fort Wayne, spending summers with her grandmother as a child and is also a continued supporter of local businesses in the area.

Mannheim Steamroller in Concert for Christmas

Come and celebrate the 30th Anniversary Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Tour at the Embassy Theatre from 8:00 pm-10 pm on Friday, December 5, 2014 and be prepared to thoroughly enjoy an innovative, lyrical evening.

Mannheim Steamroller copy 300x200 Mannheim Steamroller in Concert for Christmas

In addition to old holiday favorites, the 2014 tour will also highlight songs from the group’s latest album, Fresh Aire Music of Mannheim, with such lyrical titles as “Come Home to the Sea,” “Sunrise at Rhodes,” “The 7 Stars of the Big Dipper,” “Wolfgang Amaedus Penguin,” and many more new pieces.

Longtime fans of the classical rock band will welcome founder / songwriter / recorder Chip Davis, Jr. as he continues to entertain the world with beautiful music, including the gorgeous sounds of harpsichord, piano, flute, violins, camel bells, and other carefully-chosen orchestration.  Mannheim, which released its first album in 1984, has sold more than 40 million albums, outselling artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and Billy Joel.

According to one of the fun facts on the group’s website, “If you lined up all the CDs sold [by them], they would stretch from New York to Los Angeles and then into the Pacific Ocean — more than 3000 miles – and if you stacked up the CDs, they would be taller than the Sears Tower — 645 times taller.”

The creative group has been awarded 16 gold records, 7 platinum and 4 multi-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.  Steamroller, in addition to being the Number 1 Christmas music artist of all time, selling more than 27 million albums; in addition, the band is the top-selling Halloween artist today.

Tickets can be purchased by contacting the Embassy Theatre box office (260.424.5665; 125 West Jefferson Blvd Fort Wayne, IN 46802) or Ticketmaster (1.800.745.3000;  NOTE:  The Embassy is a historic venue so there are no elevators.

Come to the Embassy on December 5, 2014 and celebrate Bethlehem with Mannheim!



Barb Sieminski is a freelance writer and photographer for several magazines and newspapers. She received her B.A. and M.S. in art and English, from the University of St. Francis. When not chained to the computer, she follows her passion of fishing, believing that all good things come to she who baits . . .

WIN TICKETS: Mamma Mia Takes the Stage in Fort Wayne

Mamma Mia! has been billed as the “ultimate feel-good show,” and with a plot of unbelievable twists and turns, it is easy to see why this wonderful musical is drawing in folks to be entertained repeatedly, not just for one performance, but attending for a second or third time to re-live the exhilaration.

Mamma Mia VFW.001 300x122 WIN TICKETS: Mamma Mia Takes the Stage in Fort Wayne

Now, it’s our time to enjoy the fun! Mamma Mia! will sashay into the Embassy Theatre on Monday, October 20, 2014. The smash-hit cabaret that has performed all over the globe showcases Swedish pop-rock band ABBA’s unforgettable hits with a charming account of “love, laughter and friendship” that will leave you humming the music all week long.

Written by British playwright Catherine Johnson with songs composed by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, former ABBA band members, the happy-go-lucky romance opens on a Greek island paradise, relating the account of a mother, daughter and three likely dads. Colorful costumes, dancing, music and a roller coaster of emotions you won’t soon forget.

Making its debut in 1999, the show has grossed more than $2 billion worldwide and been seen by more than 54 million people. And ABBA was one of the most commercially successful acts in popular music, topping the charts globally from 1975 to 1982. It was also the first group to originate from a non-speaking English country that experienced unswerving success in the charts of English-speaking countries.

Some of the ABBA songs performed include “Knowing Me, Knowing You,” “Dancing Queen,” “Lay All Your Love on Me,” “Our Last Summer,” “Does Your Mother Know?” and many more.

An observation: it is worth noting that one of the advance notices of the musical makes a point to inform prospective ticket buyers that no children are allowed. A family endeavor this is not, but rather a somewhat, um, frisky frolic for adults only.

The Embassy Theatre is located at 125 W. Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46802. Tickets can be purchased through the Embassy Theatre box office (260)-424-5665, all Ticketmaster locations,, or charge-by-phone at (800) 745-3000. Visit for more information.




Barb Sieminski is a freelance writer and photographer for several magazines and newspapers. She received her B.A. and M.S. in art and English, from the University of St. Francis. When not chained to the computer, she follows her passion of fishing, believing that all good things come to she who baits . . .

Fort Wayne Museum of Art: Seasonal Parties

I could wax poetic about how the seasons inspire some sort of existential awakening. How our connection with earth, time, and pumpkin spiced things all blends wildly into a kaleidoscope of nostalgia and restaurant menus. How the equinoxes evoke a sense of our own mortality while a menagerie of plastic yard decorations remind us there is a season for every time. But quite honestly I’m mostly in it for the parties. Give me a solid Halloween shin-dig and you’ve got yourself a happy camper. Mardi Gras? You better Beignet it! (I’m so sorry).

Summer Party 200x300 Fort Wayne Museum of Art: Seasonal Parties

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art offers just such an experience with their quarterly Seasonal Parties. Coinciding with the arrival of newly opened exhibitions, the festivities allow the Museum of Art to engage a broad, diverse public. The Seasonal Party series grants visitors an opportunity to view current exhibitions, dance to live music, and partake of local food all within an atmosphere that emphasizes a very social and public museum experience. Specially designed decor and menus are selected for every party, creating entirely unique occasions with every season.

Bremers 200x300 Fort Wayne Museum of Art: Seasonal Parties

Last season’s “Summer Party” hosted photographer Al Satterwhite who provided autographs of his latest publication “The Cozumel Diary …. running amuck with the King of Gonzo, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, in Mexico and other weird tales”. The collection is a cheekily described “diary” featuring photographs taken during Thompson’s 1974 Playboy Magazine interview. Dutch glass sculptor Peter Bremers mingled with the crowd and discussed his process for creating some impressive pieces that challenge what you think is geometrically possible with glass. Also in attendance was Indiana native Robert Pulley, whose sculptures may be viewed in the museum’s sculpture court until the mid November. Drawing from his personal experience with Indiana’s natural landscape the pieces are both visions of natural forms and a demonstration of how time and material work on our memories.

Panzanella 300x200 Fort Wayne Museum of Art: Seasonal Parties

Local events venue and gastronomic caterer Empyrean was on hand treating guests to  “Bites of an American Summer”. The menu included nontraditional takes on some old favorites including panzanella salads, “Chicago Dogs”, a deconstructed potato salad, pie lollipops, and more. All was washed down with an assortment of craft beer, wine, and a ”Sip of Summer”, a custom created cocktail featuring hibiscus syrup that provided just the right amount of sweet and floral.

Sip of Summer 300x199 Fort Wayne Museum of Art: Seasonal Parties

Guests could kick their off their shoes and dance to Fernando Tarango & The Wickersham Brothers after pursuing the galleries.

The upcoming “Fall Party” on October 10th offers a chance to check out some of the Museum of Art’s latest exhibitions including the return of Mark di Suervo’s “Helmholtz” sculpture. Located in the nearby Freimann Square, the statue suffered damage last year and has only very recently returned. A full gallery within the museum is dedicated to the piece’s history and its restoration. Also of note is the return of the invitational and juried “Contemporary Realism Biennial” which collects some exemplary pieces of current trends in American and international realism. “Crafting a Continuum: Rethinking Contemporary Craft” will exhibit works from the Arizona State University Art Museum and Ceramics Research Center in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.

Guests can also expect live music from local band Freak Brothers and catered food from Main Street Bistro. On a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being the town in Footloose before Kevin Bacon and 10 being the town in Footloose post-Bacon, I would say the likelihood of dancing is a 9.5.

The “Fall Party” will run from 6:00pm to 9:00pm on Friday October 10th. Tickets for the Ft. Wayne Museum of Art Seasonal Parties can be purchased on the museum’s website. And don’t forget, you’ll be downtown so take a walk around and checkout some of the other night spots the city has to offer!

Andy Helmkamp


Andy is a recent arrival from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he studied film theory and cultural criticism and spent time working with the Milwaukee Film Festival. There was also a lot of roasting and buying coffee thrown in there for good measure. Currently working for the Ft. Wayne Museum of Art and the Allen County Public Library, he's looking forward to exploring all the Fort has to offer. Chances are you'll find him at the Cinema Center, biking, writing, and running (from nothing in particular...weird right?), and pretending to know way more about craft beer than what he actually does.

Joe Bonamassa at Fort Wayne’s Embassy Theatre

Hey, guitar fans – get ready to plagiarize new licks on your axe. Blues-rock artist Joe Bonamassa is coming to the Fort at 8:00 p.m. Monday, November 17, 2014.

Joe Bonamassa VFW.0021 Joe Bonamassa at Fort Waynes Embassy Theatre

Look to the Embassy Theatre to lay down the red carpet for the superstar who said, “I’ve really had to push myself to make everything I do better than the last project. I know the fans expect it and I feel like I owe it to the fans to give them an original record after all these years.”

And his latest gorgeous album, “Different Shades of Blue” is worthy of a fall-on-your-knees drum roll. Released September 23, it is his first solo studio album in two years with all original music. Check out “Never Give All of Your Heart,” “Hey Baby (New Rising Sun),” “Trouble Town” and more outstanding songs on the album.

This dude has been playing guitar since toddlerhood. His father bought him his first electric guitar when he was 5 years old, and he opened for BB King when he was only 12. That first gig began his outstanding professional career and currently, he has 12 #1 Billboard Blues albums to his name.

GRAMMY-nominated Bonamassa, who has recorded a plethora of albums since 2000, plays approximately 125 shows a year, and has a collection of guitars – standing at 175 at the time of this writing. When he went on his first Australian tour, almost 30 of his instruments – both acoustic and electric – traveled with him. One of his collector guitars, his first 1959 Les Paul, has been nicknamed “Magellan” because it, “circumnavigated the globe,” said Bonamassa, who has at least 200 amps in his music instrument collection.

Come and experience one of the greatest guitarists of today’s blues /rock world – this is ear candy at its best! Ticket prices are $99, $89, $79 and $69 and tickets are on sale at the Embassy Theater (124 W. Jefferson Blvd, 46802) box office or call 260-424-5665. Or order from or call 1-800-745-3000.



Barb Sieminski is a freelance writer and photographer for several magazines and newspapers. She received her B.A. and M.S. in art and English, from the University of St. Francis. When not chained to the computer, she follows her passion of fishing, believing that all good things come to she who baits . . .