Girls’ Night in Fort Wayne: Art & Drinks

Are you looking for a fun evening to spend with the girls? If so, a local Fort Wayne artist has the answer for you! Angela at ArtsyStrokes & Spirits offers an evening of fun with art.

How does it work? You get a gang together and Angela will walk your group through painting a piece of art of your choice; you can see the choices of artwork to paint on the website. The event I attended including a group of fourteen girls, friends of friends, colleagues, and wives of colleagues, that convened at Pint & Slice for some pre-holiday artistry. We had time for a snack, visiting, and enjoying a drink before the art got started.

IMG 8926 300x300 Girls Night in Fort Wayne: Art & Drinks

Are you worried that you aren’t artistically inclined? Do not worry. I have no artistic talent. I appreciate art, I don’t make it. I can safely say that this was the attitude of the majority of the participants at our party. There were many jokes, giggling, and commentary on how awful each of our paintings would end up. Angela calmly reassured each of us that all the pieces would look great and similar to the model piece. Miraculously, she was right!

IMG 8923 300x300 Girls Night in Fort Wayne: Art & Drinks

Angela moved slowly, worked in breaks, and provided help with the occasional disaster, She also provided some background music to add a little more fun and a party feeling to the event. What is better to paint to than Michael Jackson, Tory Amos, and Lady Gaga? At the end of the evening it was far easier than expected, thanks to the great instruction and laid back environment.

Here is how our evening went . . .

Step 1: The background (mine was not near as half-moonish as the model).

IMG 8932 281x300 Girls Night in Fort Wayne: Art & Drinks

Step 2: The highlights (putting white paint on anything is scary and potentially hideous).

IMG 8935 300x300 Girls Night in Fort Wayne: Art & Drinks

Step 3: The trees (imperfection is happily required – trees have bumps).

IMG 8936 234x300 Girls Night in Fort Wayne: Art & Drinks

Step 4: The birds (I required teacher assistance so mine would not look like stunted black snowmen).

IMG 8944 300x300 Girls Night in Fort Wayne: Art & Drinks

Step 6: The Reveal. Not bad.

IMG 8951 264x300 Girls Night in Fort Wayne: Art & Drinks

The event took a little under three hours at a cost of $32.00 per person (not including food and drinks). The cost does cover the canvas, brushes, paint, and other painting necessities. All you have to bring is yourself!

It was a great time and a perfect girls’ night activity. You can contact Angela through the ArtsyStrokes website to schedule an event. Enjoy!


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2 Responses to “Girls’ Night in Fort Wayne: Art & Drinks”

    Cheryl Eckert
    January 24th, 2013
    I think that this would be fun. What is the min. of people you will take as a group for the $35. Is there different places that this is hosted at. I really would like to talk to you and you can call me at 609-3110
    January 24th, 2013
    Cheryl - feel free to contact them directly here: Have fun!

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