The Bad Apple Dancers: Tyler “Shake ‘n Bake” Baker

Oh, the perks of being an intern! I recently got to interview three of Fort Wayne’s most notorious celebrities  . . . the members of the Fort Wayne TinCaps Bad Apple Dance Crew. Click here to read the other posts in this series.

tyler The Bad Apple Dancers: Tyler Shake n Bake Baker

Tyler "Shake 'n Bake" Baker

1. What motivated you to become a member of the Bad Apple Dance Crew?

The fact that I can be a terrible dancer, dance in front of thousands of people and make people laugh.

2. Who inspires you as a dancer?

I would say Shakira—the hips don’t lie!

3. What is your favorite song and dance routine to perform at TinCaps Games?

I have a few favorites. One is Dynamite, and the other would be Dirty Pop.

4. Finish the following statement: My dance style most closely resembles ______________.

A new born calf—very awkward.

5. What is one song you would like to create a dance for that has not yet been used?

Kriss Kross- “Jump Jump.”

6. On average, how many hours a week do you spend fine-tuning your dance skills?

Hours!?!?!  More like minutes. I’d say about 20 minutes max.

7. Do you dance outside of Bad Apple Dancer performances and practices?

I try not to torture people more than I have to, so I keep the dancing to on the field.

8. What is your signature dance move? (And please describe)

Anything with a hip thrust .

9. Do you have aspirations of taking your show on the road?

I have never really thought about this, but would people really want to see us dance outside of Parkview Field?

10. What words of advice do have for fans or co-workers who aspire to be in the Bad Apple Dance Crew?

If you can’t really dance, there is always a shot you could be a B.A.D.

Catch the Bad Apple Dancers in action at their few remaining home games this season!



Jan Boroff moved to Indiana from Willshire, Ohio, four years ago to attend Huntington University. During her college career, Jan was very active within the HU community, working as a resident assistant, Student Activities Board member and the campus newspaper’s copy editor and sports editor. On May 14, Jan graduated with degrees in journalism and public relations. Her summer plans include working with Visit Fort Wayne as a marketing intern and as a florist at Rose’s Bouquets.

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